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4 snacks that boost your brain in a brainstorm

What is the best thing to eat during a brainstorm? You see something nice on the table. But provide the snacks your brain with the right fuel? We investigated that for you in the name of science. Our findings? Some snacks are (unexpectedly) good for you. We give you 4 snacks that boost your brain during a brainstorm!
How to always get on with your (online) brainstorm

Seems pretty hard, brainstorming when corona is happening. Not only isn't it possible to work with large groups, all those online tools can be overwhelming as well. Of course we can do all of this for you (we don't mind!), but we could also give you some handles to work with. Online, offline or even hybrid modes: there are a lot of options to make sure your session can keep going.

Thé five basic styles of an creative session

Are you on the verge of organising a creative session? Usually a brainstorm is the obvious choice, because you already know that one. But did you know creative sessions come in dozens of different styles? We want to introduce you to the vijf most important styles of a creative sessions. So you will always pick the right one later. And always find the solution you need.

Preparing a brainstorm: 3 essential tips for great results

Did you think that you’ll only be creative if you let go everything that has to do with structure? And that sticking post-its enough was going to be enough for preparing a brainstorm? Think again. Preparation is 90% of your success. And that’s no different with a brainstorm.

7 tricks to build the perfect brainstorming question

A great brainstorm starts with a great brainstorming question. Do not expect the right answers if you ask the wrong questions. But sometimes coming up with the right brainstorming question feels like you’re searching for the holy grail. How do you find the holy grail? By reading this article, that’s how!

The 5 Brainstorming Archetypes and how to use them to your advantage

Have you ever led a brainstorm or a design thinking session? Or just lived your life in general? Then you certainly have has come across one of these 5 archetypes or combinations of them: Shadows, Wizards, Bosses, Deputies and Critics. In this article you learn to recognise the Archetypes. And how to deal with them so your ideation session will be the best OF ALL TIME. Scroll on.
Get Out of The Building and validate your ideas!

All inhabitants of planet earth think that they know what their target audience wants and needs. But how can you be so sure? The answer is simple. You never really know for sure. What works best is that you validate it with your target audience. Valiwhat? Validation means checking if your assumptions are actually valid or not. Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups.

Brain Fuel Funnel: the 6 stages of a truly good brainstorm session

I’ve been part of many useless brainstorms in my corporate life. Who’s with me? Many people are. These kinds of brainstorms are something I truly dread because I believe they are a waste of our time. That won’t make your company, life or the world a better place. Will it? This is why I’ve been developing a brainstorm methodology called Brain Fuel. A big part of our way of working is our funnel: The Brain Fuel Funnel.