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The Brain Fuel method

The Brain Fuel Method is the heart of everything we do. It was born from the drive that every person can concoct creative, effective end wordimproving solutions. In essence, it’s based on the power of association. On this page, we introduce you to it.

What is the Brain Fuel method?

It’s awesome. The Brain Fuel method is a way to come up with solutions and take action. The Brain
Fuel method is an effective way to think up solutions and get into action.

It consists of:

  • Over forty canvasses and tools
  • A deck of cards with 100 cards in four categories
  • Building blocks for (brainstorming) sessions, trainings and trajects huge and tiny
  • 100+ facilitators that can effectively use our method

The Brain Fuel method is based on the power of association. It helps your brain in looking at a problem from another
angle and can even shape the brainstorming question itself. This is where the cards, which we mentioned earlier, are
for. These consists of four categories: persons, animals, locations and objects. How would a clown look at this
problem? What if our problem would be in a hospital? How could you use a spork to solve this case?

Your going to look at a problem differentely by feeding your brain with fuel like this. More important: you find
(good) solutions you never would have expected.

The secrets of Brain Fuel

Find out our secrets with our news letter.

In which situations can you use the Brain Fuel method?

You can use the Brain Fuel method to come up with solutions on cases big and small, with little of lots of global impact. Not only that: we have tools to organize and select problems and to make sure the best ideas really come into fruition.

Board of Directors. Fantastic Four. Selection Day. You can find an explanation for all our tools and canvasses that we use during our brainstorming sessions in our toolbox. Which we’ll use is depending on a lot of factors. However, all of them fit in a specific phase of the brainstorm.

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Fuel the Change.

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