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Hackathon Kinderopvang Werkt: pedagogisch professional centraal

Er is steeds meer vraag naar kinderopvang. Een mooie ontwikkeling, maar funest voor de zorg. Want hoe kunnen de branches ooit voldoen aan die toename? We got this.
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Gasunie Green Teams: motivated and dedicated towards greening

Gasunie wants to green-up. But where to begin? t’s not easy to start an internal mentality change. Luckily motivation, dedication, and a good splash of Brain Fuel will give it a kick start.
Test Like the Best

A successful experiment: Test Like the Best

People often think their product or service is the best thing to have ever existed. But is that truly the case? This is where Innofest, who already assisted more than 200 start-ups, chimes in. Is my innovation good enough?
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Toukomst: improving life, working and living in Groningen

Toukomst invested 100 million euros to improve life, living and working in Groningen. That’s why we facilitated 150 sessions in a really short time. Those led to 44 projects.


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