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Gasunie Green Teams: enthousiast en gedreven naar vergroening

Gasunie wil vergroenen. Maar hoe zet je dat in gang? Een interne verandering teweeg brengen gebeurt niet zomaar. Enthousiasme, gedrevenheid én een flinke scheut Brain Fuel maken gelukkig veel mogelijk.
Test Like the Best

Een successful experiment: Test Like the Best

People often think their product or service is the best thing to have ever existed. But is that truly the case? This is where Innofest, who already assisted more than 200 start-ups, chimes in. Is my innovation good enough?
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Toukomst: improving life, working and living in Groningen

Toukomst invested 100 million euros to improve life, living and working in Groningen. That’s why we facilitated 150 sessions in a really short time. Those led to 44 projects.

DORP: improving the world in a mini-society

In Dorp, we’re working towards a better future. Young planetsavers are developing sustainable projects in a mini-society in Leeuwarden, that lasts for seven days.


Dit is wat mensen over ons zeggen.

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