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Brain food for a productive brainstorm or meeting

Hoofdafbeelding bij brain food dat je productiviteit boost bij een vergadering of brainstorm

Brain food keeps your brain productive during a brainstorm or meeting. We found out what snacks are (unexpectedly) good for you with science. Hereby four examples.

What is the best thing to eat during a brainstorm? You see something nice on the table. But provide the snacks your brain with the right fuel? After today, this will always be the case. It is true: some food really makes you sharper and more effective.

Brain food for a productive brainstorm or meeting:

1. 70% dark chocolade
2. Nuts
3. Egg (on a sandwich)
4. Coffee

Nothing here for you? Scroll down for a couple of bonus examples.

1. 70%+ dark chocolate

Maybe you knew already dat dark chocolate, or cacao, can give you a cheerful (or even an enamoured) feeling. But did you know that really dark chocolate is perfect as brain food?

Cacao has lots of antioxidants; a type of vitamin which (simply said) protects the cells and tissue in your body. Not only that: research suggests that cacao stimulates the parts of your brain involving memory and learning new things. Enjoy in moderation!

2. Nuts

Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds or even a peanut butter sandwich: they have lots of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an important tool in keeping your brain healthy. Research from 2014 showed that eating nuts improves your perception and memory, and that it also lessens the chance of getting Alzheimer. Nuts are not only good (and tasty) brain food, they also protect you long-term.

3. Egg (on a sandwich)

Serving lunch with egg sandwiches is very healthy. Egg has lots of vitamin B. This is perfect in preserving your energy levels and keeping your concentration high during longer brainstorms or meetings. In addition: it’s very healthy for your metabolic rate. Scientists also found out that Vitamin B presumably keeps your brain from shrinking. Interesting, isn’t it? A big brain gives you better scores at speaking tests, it keeps your visual memory strong and gives you a better chance in thinking clearly when you’re old and grey

(Technically egg would have been a sufficient answer, but we have the feeling that almost nobody eats raw eggs with great pleasure).

4. Coffee

Coffee is technically speaking not a snack, but it really works amazing as fuel for your brain. It has been scientifically proven that coffee lets you think more clearly and keeps you alert. Research from 2018 showed that a cup of coffee enables your brain to process more information simultaneously. Perfect brain food! And psst, don’t overdo it: a good sleep is also very important for your mind.

Is there nothing here for you?

These snacks are also very effective as a brain food:

  • Berries (like strawberries, blueberries or blackberries)
    These have a lot of the same antioxidants als dark chocolate. They stimulate you to learn things more easily.
  • Everything with grain Porridge, whole grain bread – you name it.
    Just like eggs, these have lots of Vitamin E. Good for you energy level!
  • Carrots
    Carrots contain a lot of luteolin. This gives fuel directly to your brain and lessens the long-term chance of memory problems.
  • (Snack) tomatoes
    Tomatoes contain lycopene: this is a powerful antioxidant that enables your brain to perform really effective during a brainstorm or meeting. In addition: tomatoes seem to reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s.

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