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Hoofdafbeelding bij de Fantastic Four-methode

Fantastic Four

With the Fantastic Four brainstorming method, you will discover the superpowers of four completely different characters, then start coming up with unexpected ideas at high speed.
15-30 minutes
Animals, Characters, Locations, Objects

When do you use the Fantastic Four method?

Do you want the group to get as creative as possible? Are you not afraid that it might just go in an idiotic, weird or incorrect direction? Then here is the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four is used during the brainstorming phase of a session, coming up with ideas.

How do you deploy the Fantastic Four?

In the Fantastic Four, you use a special canvas and the Brain Fuel cards.

1. Grab a character map, object map, location map and animal map. It makes sense for them to be four items as far apart as possible. Suppose you draw the cards: a walker, a playground, a dog and Putin.

2. Ask everyone to think of three adjectives per card (check if everyone remembers what adjectives are again). Again, these should be far apart. For example, with the dog, they come up with loyal, playful and furry. And with the walker, you come up with slow, supportive and driving. Et cetera and so on.

3. Then have the teams circle the most appealing adjectives for each card and use them to think of solutions using this adjective. For example: playful, driving, colourful and deranged.

4. Then participants get to come up with solutions. Playful solutions. Driving solutions. Colourful solutions. And deranged solutions.


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This is one of the methods in our book The Brainstorm Bible, written by Friso Visser.


You draw the cards Vladimir Putin, a walker, a playground and a hedgehog. Using the hedgehog you come up with the adjectives sweet, small and sharp. And the playground helps you come up with playful, fun and colorful. You do the same for Putin and the walker. After that, you choose the most appealing adjectives. You end up with sharp, playful, bossy and old as your favorites. Now it’s time to come up with solutions. Sharp solutions. Playful solutions. Bossy solutions. And colorful solutions!

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