Het is de maand van de hackathons! Kom erachter hoe je de beste hackathon ooit organiseert.💡

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From hackathon to facilitator training

Our sessions help you find solutions to your problems, from small to huge. With our training sessions, we teach you to find these solutions yourself. We got you.

10 Solutions which fit perfectly to your wishes

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We are creative

We believe creativity and innovation are the keys in solving (worldy) problems. Use our tools to strengthen your own creativity and power to innovate.

We are effective

Everyone can devise brilliant ideas. With creative thinking, you can discover your own treasure chest full of innovative solutions. It’s our superpower to open it.

We are world improveritive

We want to improve the world with our work. If you also feel the same way, we gladly want to strengthen that resolve with our superpowers.

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