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Hoofdafbeelding bij de Silly Business-methode

Silly Business

Is it time to adjust your business model? And is it in need of some creativity, innovation or uniqueness? Ignite your brain with Silly Business!
Warming up
0-15 minutes
Animals, Objects


Silly Business works in groups, but is most effective when everyone can think individually. The facilitator draws an Animal or Object card. Everyone thinks up a business model with that animal or object. In what way van we make money with this? After that, the group shares their ideas and experiences with each other. You can do this warming up multiple times, but once should be enough to get your brain in a creative mood.

The facilitator draws a Sword card. Everybody is going to think of ways to make money with swords. One person finds ways to rob people with their sword, the other sells antique ones to cosplayers. A next one becomes a botanist who works with only katanas And what about kitchen equipment in the style of medieval swords?

If a facilitator picks the whale card, someone will think of making music with whale sounds. Another may concot the idea to transform a whale to a private island for rich people.

Source: Alexander Osterwalder his Silly Cow exercise

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