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Hoofdafbeelding bij Short Storyboard-methode: je idee richting actie

Short Storyboards

Short Storyboard are perfect to push a great idea into corresponding actions. We said a push? We meant three of them! Write or stick your idea on the left. Draw or stick your idea on the right. Make it visual!
0-15 minutes


At the end of a session, you expand your best ideas into little storyboards of three steps. This is a great way to explain your idea, and makes it easier to understand for others. You can use the stoaryboard even as a little plan of action. What are you going to do first? What comes after that? And what will be the last thing you do?


Your idea is to organise an event where your business partners can meet each other. You can make your storyboard in two different ways.

Option 1: Content-oriented
1. First, we bring in an inspirational foreign speaker.
2. Next, our business partners will brainstorm how they can use his lessons in their own organisation.
3. Lastly, we are all having a barbecue.

Option 2: action-oriented
1. Next week, we schedule a meeting with our CEO and the HR department.
2. After that, we hire a company to help us organise the event.
3. A Save the Date has to be sent in one month.

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