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Naming and Framing

Naming & Framing is a technique to assemble all those ideas you came up with into manageable clusters. By making clusters you’ll start to turn those ideas into concepts ready for action!
15-30 minuten


This selection method works best with a team. Have your team search for ideas that are similar to each other or may be leading to the same outcome. Take these ideas and put them together into a cluster also known as a 'frame'. Take your time, it is important to be satisfied with the results. Now give each cluster a name of their own. It’s very important to name your frames as that will encourage your team to take on a much larger task with multiple possibilities other than resorting to one idea.


Imagine you just had the best brainstorming session you’ve ever had, you’ve seen a few million-dollar ideas that you’d love to work on as soon as possible! But hold on where did they go? You’ve seem to have lost sight of them. Luckily you know the perfect selection tool. With the use of the Naming & Framing selection method you and your team start to see a clear pattern in certain ideas and a few ideas have even been combined. Awesome. Let’s start setting goals!

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