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It’s a Draw

It’s time to draw! It’s a Draw is an ideal warming up when the brainstorm involves a lot of sketching. Extra bonus: the method is an ideal communication tool. And it’s fun too!
Warming up
15-30 minuten


One participant draws. He or she gets the It's A Draw Canvas en folds it according to the instructions. The other participants explain to the 'artist' how to draw the object. This group picks an object card or gets it from the facilitator.

The object card group can't give a specific explanation of the thing they see. Instead, you say things like: a diagonal line to the right or three circles in the middle. The artist has to draw the object, without asking questions.

He or she may guess once what it is they're drawing. Did it come close? If you want, you can switch roles. This way, everyone has a chance to draw.


Of course you can use your own A3 paper, but we've made a special canvas which makes the method even easier to use!

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Jeremy is the artist. He folds the canvas so no one can see what he draws. Perry and Isabbele draw the cuckoo clock card. Perry says: draw a rectangle in the middle. Isabelle shouts: also draw a circle within that rectangle. This continues until Jeremy has all kinds of lines and shapes on his paper. Now he may guess once what he has drawn...

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