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Explore different trains of thought in rapid speed! Brainwriting is perfect for teams with more quiet team members. Of teams who are really good in improving the ideas of others, instead of devising them theirselves. Yes, we mean every team ever. Fun fact: this method is scientifically proven!
0-15 minuten
Dieren, karakters, Locaties, Objecten


Every participant needs to make a snake of post-ts (buy sticking one to the bottom of the last one). Set a timer and let every participant write solutions for the problem (one idea per post-it). When the time's up, participants have to give their snake to the person on the right (or the left, whatever you want).

Everybody picks a card. Reset the timer and let them add new ideas to the snake, based ont he card. Repeat this process until everybody gets their own original snake back.

To make Brainwriting even more dynamic and less time-consuming, you can ask the participants to add only one idea before giving it to the next. This adds a little competition, which might make it even more fun.


Need some extra help? We've designed a special canvas for Brainwriting. In this way, the method is even more effective!

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What if your restaurant isn't performing well, and you want to brainstorm for a solution?

The keyhole card lets you come up with: we have to make our restaurant more mysterious'. Write it down on a post-it! The person next to you adds, with the help of the spooky manor card: 'exciting theme nights, like a murder mystery game.' And the person next to them comes up with: organise a dinner on a secret location.

Other people can improve your idea. But don't forget to devise at least a couple different ideas.

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