Brainstorming questions are often location-based. Replace the original location and brainstorm how you would solve your brainstorming question at this different location.



31 July 2018


Draw a location card and use this location as a replacement for the location from your brainstorming question. What would your challenge look like at this location? What kind of solutions would people think up of at this location?


Imagine working on the following brainstorming question: 'How can we attract young professionals to come live in our city?' Now you are going to replace the 'city' with another location. For example, if you draw a haunted house card, the question is: "How can we attract young professionals to come live in our haunted house?" For example, you might think that you should make your location more exciting for young professionals. Or that other cities seem so scary that they flee to your city. Or that they have to look for ghosts and get a job in return. Get creative!


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