SDG Kickstarter: Impact Ranker

The Impact Ranker Canvas offers insight in which Sustainable Development Goals have the highest priority for you or your company.

SDG Kickstarter Cards

SDG Kickstarter: Impact Ranker

18 November 2021


Prioritise the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals in a Top 10 list. Which ones are the most important for your team or organisation? Put the card with the most important SDG at the top of the pyramid, and work your way down until every panel has one in it. And yes, this means that seven goals won’t make your top 10!

Discuss your choices thoroughly with each other. Do you all have a good feeling about them? Or do you maybe need to change a couple of cards? Don’t be afraid of debate, but make sure you agree (enough) at the end.

All done? You’re ready for the next canvas: the Impact Checker