Explore many threads of thought in high speed! Brainwriting is perfect for teams with a couple of quiet teammembers. Or teams with people who are better at improving someone else’s ideas rather than thinking up their own. Yes, we mean every team ever. Fun fact: this method has been proven scientifically!

Animals, Characters, Locations, Objects



Every brainstormer gets a chain of 5 post-its (by sticking a post-it to the bottom of the previous post-it). Set a timer and let each participant note down five solutions to the problem (one idea per post-it). When time runs out, let them slide their chain of post-its to the person at their right (or left, whatever you want). 

Let everybody draw a card. Reset the timer and let them add new ideas to the chain inspired by the card. Repeat this process until everybody gets the chain back they started with. 

To make Brainwriting even more dynamic and less time consuming, you can ask the brainstormers to just add one idea and then push the chain to the next person. This adds a little competition to the mix, that can make it even more fun.


What if your restaurant is not running well and you want to brainstorm about a solution?

Thanks to the keyhole card you write ‘we need to make our restaurant mysterious’ on a post-it. The person right of you adds - with credits to the haunted house card –‘exciting theme nights like a murder mystery game!’ And even further to the right: 

‘organize a dinner in a secret location.’ See? Other people can improve on your idea. Or at least devise some different ones!


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for Brainwriting so you can brainstorm even better and easier!

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Want to see how you could use Brainwriting to make full use of the power of teamwork in your brainstorming sessions? Check out our video below!