Board Of Directors

Imagine that your board of directors consists out of 5 very special characters. How would they run your business?

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Board Of Directors

1 May 2018


Board of Directors works best in a team. Draw 5 character cards and put them down in a row. Imagine that every card is a board member and will come up with brand new ideas. Feel free to think about how the new management would discuss with each other. What would Nelson Mandela think of the ideas you have come up with the Donald Trump card?

Do you want it a bit more creative? Then draw 4 character cards and 1 animal card. Maybe there is a pet walking around at the office!


Let's say you want to answer the question "How can I make people move more?". With this question, for example, you draw the following 5 cards. Nelson Mandela, Buddha, Alien, Donald Trump and Mozart. How would Trump make people move more? He would enter a policy where people have to go to the gym at least twice a week. And how would Mozart make people move more? He would compose a song that will trigger people to work out more.

Are you in for the slightly more creative challenge, then the fifth card in the list can also be a Bat. The Bat would make everybody waving with their arms just like themselves. Are you stuck with a card? Don’t panic! Forget that board member for a moment and focus on the other cards. Bring it on!


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for Board Of Directors so you can brainstorm even better and easier!

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Do you need some more help getting started with the Board Of Directors method? Have a look at our video tutorial below!