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Hoofdafbeelding van Now-Wow-How-matrix: uitleg en toepassing

Wow-Now-How Matrix

The Wow-Now-How-No Matric is an ideal way to find the most original, creative ideas, as well as the quick wins. The best ideas? Those fit in both categories!
15-45 minutes


Ask participants to divide ideas into four categories.

Red ideas – WOW: Innovative concepts, real breakthroughs And easy to realise as well!

Blue ideas – NOW: Ideas that are easy to execute. Not exciting or anything, but effective.

Yellow ideas – HOW: Futuristic concepts and vision: would be gamechangers if they would really work. But how to manage that, isn't known yet. Maybe brainstorm about it in the future?

White ideas – Unoriginal ideas that aren't going to work.


Draw two axes or four big rectangles. The four rectangles become four categories: WOW, NOW, HOW and an empty one (you can also download our canvas and print it as an A2 or bigger) Imagine that your group has the following idea: starting a marketing campaign. The idea is fine and doable, but not very original. Put it in the NOW rectangle! But the idea to put funny sketches on boats in the canal, maybe falls into the WOW category. Best case scenario: you discover new concepts and combinations when filtering your ideas.

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