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Hoofdafbeelding bij Selection Day-methode

Selection Day

Selection Day is a selection method in which you vote what ideas you like best at the end of a brainstorm. And with best, we mean: most happiness, most creative, most effective on short-term and most effective on the long term.
0-15 minutes


This selection method is actually quite simple. You get four stickers: a heart, a unicorn, a stopwatch and a calendar. Each of these stickers stand for something else.

1. The heart stands for: "Which idea makes me the happiest?"
2. The unicorn stands for: "Which idea do I think is the most unique?"
3. The stopwatch states: "Which idea seems to be the most effective on a short term?"
4. The calendar states: "Which idea seems to me to be the most effective in the long run?"

Paste these stickers without consulting your group. It's your vote.

After everybody voted it gets truly interesting. It may happen that your group completely agrees, but also that the opinions vary strongly. Time to talk to each other!

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Imagine that you stick your stopwatch sticker somewhere totally different than the rest of your group. You may believe in an idea where the rest of your team doesn't. Maybe a good conversation is needed?

Or everyone sticks the hearts in the opposite idea of where the calendar stickers are. What should your team focus on? In what would work long-term or in what makes them happy?

Selection Day ensures that you make more informed choices when choosing the ideas you go with. A heavily underestimated moment in every brainstorm!

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