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SDG Kickstarter: Impact Checker

Use the Impact Checker Canvas to track your score for each of the Sustainable Development Goals. Which ones have a great, decent or bad rating?
15-45 minutes


Place all 17 SDG Kickstarter Cards in a circle. Just like the logo from the Sustainable Development Goals itself. Put the Impact Checker Canvas in the middle. Explain on the canvas what you want to analyse. This could be your organisation as a whole, a department or maybe a new service / product.

For every SDG, everyone writes on a stickie what’s already going swell and what’s lacking. Use two different colours of stickies to easily distinguish them from each other. For example: green for everything you’re doing well, and pink for the things that you could improve upon. Stick them beneath the SDG Kickstarter Card they belong to. This could mean that some goals have a lot of pluses and minuses!

Lastly, participants give a rating for each of the SDG’s. Share your thoughts with each other and tick the happy, neutral or disappointed smiley face on the canvas. This gives a great summary at which points you’re doing (not so) well on!


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