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Rap Battle

Are you looking for an energetic warming up to your brainstorm? Use the Rap Battle method as a warming up! Groups fight for glory in quick battles.
Warming up
0-15 minuten
Dieren, karakters, Locaties, Objecten


The Rap Battle works best with 3-6 groups. The facilitator starts by blindly selecting one card. Each group now has three minutes to solve a challenge with that card. After three minutes every group presents their best (or funniest) idea. The winning group receives a point. The team who earns the most points wins.

PS: Don't forget to turn on some rap music to get in a battlin' mood!


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for the Rap Battle so you can brainstorm even better and easier!


Let's say your challenge is: "How are we going to become rich?". The facilitator picks an object card with a stroller on it. How would you become rich using a stroller? For example, you could decorate a stroller with diamonds and make money out of that. Next card. A cow. How could you get rich using a cow? You could hide every cow and only give them back to farmers when they give a good amount of money. Bring on those genius ideas!

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