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Get Out of The Building and validate your ideas!

All inhabitants of planet earth think that they know what their target audience wants and needs. But how can you be so sure? The answer is simple. You never really know for sure. What works best is that you validate it with your target audience. Valiwhat? Validation means checking if your assumptions are actually valid or not. Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups.

A useful (and fun) way to check if your assumptions are correct is: ‘Get out of the building!’ Your task is simple: just go outside and start talking to people about your idea. Try to find spots where you think your target audience might be. Is your target audience at the park a lot? Go to the park! Can your target audience easily be found in a supermarket? Let’s go to the nearest convenience store! Is your target audience an 11th grader? I think you get the gist. Also try talking to people that have nothing to do with your target audience, because this can possibly lead to spectacular new insights.

Make sure your questions are specific and aimed at your target audience. Validate everything. Validate if your target audience likes your idea and if the problem you are trying to solve is even a problem in the first place. And the most valuable and important questions that you always save for last is: “Which question should I have asked you?”

Believe us, you’re going to get so many new insights that you wouldn’t even have dreamed of. And if you did expect the answers you’ve got back, then your assumptions are confirmed. Always a good thing. Now you might be thinking: “Oh, doing research outside is a pretty swell idea!” Why are you still reading this? Get out of the building!

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