Rap Battle

Are you looking for an energetic warming up to your brainstorm? Look no further, it's time for a rap battle! A fast and fun method to get the group in a creative and competitive mindset.

Animals, Characters, Locations, Objects

Rap Battle

31 May 2018


The Rap Battle works best with 3-6 groups. The facilitator starts by blindly selecting one card. Each group now has three minutes to solve a challenge with that card. After three minutes every group presents their best (or funniest) idea. The facilitator hands the Brain Fuel card to the group with the best idea. That group receives a point. Ready for the next round? Go!

PS: Don't forget to turn on some rap music to get in a battlin' mood!


Let's say your challenge is: "How are we going to become rich?". The facilitator picks an object card with a stroller on it. How would you become rich using a stroller? For example, you could decorate a stroller with diamonds and make money out of that. An other group group thinks up the idea to rent out their grandmother for chores. The facilitator chooses the first group as the winner -or the best presentation of the idea- and gives them a point. What could the next card be?


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for the Rap Battle so you can brainstorm even better and easier!