Hammer That Nail

Think from the point of view of an object and discover new solutions to your problem. Ever heard the question: ‘What if you are stranded on a deserted island and you only have one object to help you escape?’. Well, you can use that object to solve your own problem too!


Hammer That Nail

2 January 2018


Draw an object card. Now imagine how this object can help you tackle your problem. 


What if I could only use a cassette tape to reach my clients? Then I would let someone with a mesmerising voice send them an inspiring message. Or I would combine all my favourite products in a rap!


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for Hammer That Nail so you can brainstorm even better and easier!

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Want to see how you could use the Hammer That Nail to add creativity to your brainstorming sessions in a fast and easy way? Check out our video below!