Selection Day – 25 Stickersheets

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Selection Day stickers; the perfect way to choose the best ideas.

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Selection Day is a selection method in which you vote what ideas you like best at the end of a brainstorm. Everybody in the brainstorm receives four stickers: a heart, a unicorn, a stopwatch and a calendar.

1. The heart stands for: "Which idea makes me the happiest?"
2. The unicorn stands for: "Which idea do I think is the most unique?"
3. The stopwatch states: "Which idea seems to be the most effective on a short term?"
4. The calendar states: "Which idea seems to me to be the most effective in the long run?"

Use these stickers if you want to choose your ideas in an effective and fun way!

This is what you get:

  • 25 stickersheets
  • Stickers in 4 categories (heart, unicorn, stopwatch & calendar)