Is your organization looking for the perfect way to brainstorm about innovation in your work and to be inspired to change? Then you are looking for the Mindstorm! Ideal for meeting new people and the flexible concept can easily be adapted to both small and large groups.

This is how the Mindstorm works

The Mindstorm exists of several rounds, from around 15 minutes each. Each round the group says hi to new members and goodbye to others. This means you brainstorm on a new concept every 15 minutes and you will meet a lot of other participants in an hour. This will make sure that you will receive many inspiring new ideas for improving your own products and services. And you get an excellent chance to find out which colleague you want to keep in touch with during -or after- the conference.

Skill level Beginner/ Intermediate / Expert
Duration 1 to 3 hours
Groupsize 20 to 500 participants
  • Ideal mix of interesting content and meeting other participants
  • Each participant meets and works together with around 15 participants in an hour
  • Ideal workshop to accommodate an overflow of participants
  • Interactive setting for meetings with unexpected innovations


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