Company Refresh Session

Has your organization been around for a long time? Then the question “What if we were allowed to start all over again?” won’t sound strange to you. We built a special session around that question, in which you try to forget how your organization works and what you have achieved. You will start a ‘new’ company. What would you do differently? The Company Refresh Session is a quick way to not only give feedback on your organization but to convert them into creative solutions immediately.

Skill level Beginner / Intermediate / Expert
Duration 2 to 8 hours per session
Groupsize 8 to 20 participants


In this session, you start your company all over again. Together we will look at the essential pillars of your organization using energizing brainstorming questions. For example “What kind of product would we release?” to “Where would we establish our company?”. Alternatively, from “What would our team look like?” and “What kind of customers do we want?”. At the end of the session, you’ll have stacks of ideas, feedback, and actions!

  • A perfect way to get a new perspective on your company
  • Works great to build acceptance within your team
  • Both great for collecting feedback and ideas
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Bianca Pander – Welcome to The Village

“As an organisation we needed to go back to the drawing board, so we asked Brain Fuel to prepare a brainstorm with the main question: “What if we could start all over again? “The brainstorming session was super-useful. We brainstormed for four hours about what we would do if we were allowed to reinvent our organisation. The energy was high, the guidance great and there were a number of ideas that we would have never thought of without the brainstorm. We are looking forward to start working with the results!”