Once Upon A Time

Have some fun warming up your brain by telling each other strange stories. With Once Upon A Time you simply use a couple of cards and start connecting a character, an object, an animal and a location!

Animals, Characters, Locations, Objects

Once Upon A Time


Start by laying the four stacks of cards face down; make the first stack ‘Characters’, the second ‘Objects’, the third ‘Animals’ and the fourth ‘Locations’.

Turn over one card from each stack, and dream up a story that connects all of these cards in a seriously funny tale of wonder! If you want to use two characters, no objects and fifteen animals, or a different order: be our guest. It is your story!


Suppose you draw the alien, a tree, a cow and Russia cards. You could come up with: Once upon a time an alien wanted to visit Russia but crash landed on the wrong side of the border. So the alien hid itself in a tree for quite some time until a cow walked past. Since the alien knows everything there is to know about cows, the alien takes over the body of the cow. 

She guards of the Russian border patrol never noticed the cow crossing the border. Then the alien traveled all of Russia in the body of the cow. When it got bored it went to Baikonur, hijacked a rocket and launched itself to the moon. True story.


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for Once Upon A Time so you can brainstorm even better and easier!

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