The Challenge Generator

Looking for something to keep yourself sharp and creative? The Brain Fuel Challenge Generator automatically generates challenge after challenge for you to solve. Added bonus: you might devise a solution which improves yourself, your company or even the world!

The Challenge Generator

16 September 2020


With the three coloured buttons on, you can concoct a Realistic, Crazy or Save the World Challenge. Another push of the button, and you’ll immediately have a new one. This way, The Challenge Generator has thousands of challenges for you to solve!

Lock & Write

There are two little buttons on the left side of a challenge: Lock and Write. Each challenge consists of a ‘challenge’ and a ‘tool’ factor. Lock lets you, well, lock one of these factors. This means that whatever problem or tool came up will be fixed from now on. With Write on the other hand, you get to create your own challenges. For example, you could enter your own name or a difficult problem your organization is facing. You can even combine these with our own random challenges!


You are faced with the following (realistic) challenge: “How can we prepare for a job interview with help from fish and chips?” Now it’s up to you and your brain to come up with a creative solution!

Maybe you can bring fish and chips to the job interview as a tasteful gesture for your future boss, or use it as a reward after you’ve prepared yourself successfully. Alternatively, you could push one of the three buttons, replace it with another tool (don’t forget to lock it!) and fix your sollicitation perils with a drone, Beyoncé or the cast of The Bold and The Beautiful.