Brain Fusion

When you release the power of Brain Fusion you risk melting your brain. So use its power wisely! Brain Fusion is a quick fire association technique which fuses the brainstorm question with our cards.

Animals, Characters, Locations, Objects

Brain Fusion


Lay out a grid of cards with three cards of each category; a column of three characters, three objects, three locations and three animals. Take your brainstorm question and start adding a random combination of card. Start with two cards, then three and when you feel really inspired add four cards to the starter question. Just start spawning new hybrid ideas till the power runs out.


Let’s say your starter question is: how can we improve our customer service? 

Adding two cards will change this question into ‘how might we improve our customer service in our candy house for Cleopatra?’ 

Take another look at the grid and add or change around some cards; How can a jelly fish improve our customer service for Cleopatra in an elevator? Now that will get you some strange and specific solutions!


Need some extra help? We’ve designed a special canvas for Brain Fusion so you can brainstorm even better and easier!

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Watch the tutorial

Want to see how you could use Brain Fusion to add a huge amount of creativity to your brainstorming sessions? Check out our video below!