Internation Design Factory Week 2018

Design Factory Global Network x Brain Fuel

Hello, Cześć, 你好, Hola, 안녕, Hallo, こんにちは, Merhaba, Hei, Labdien and more,

It is lovely to meet you. We are Brain Fuel and we are:
1. An international start-up
2. A new ideation method
3. An international tool
4. A partner of the Frisian Design Factory (FDF for friends)

Eric Voigt of the FDF gave you a deck of Brain Fuel and asked you if you wanted to test Brain Fuel with your Design Factory. We hope you do. We’ve been testing with the FDF for a long time and they’re helping us further develop our method. And how wonderful would it be if we could develop a method together with Design Factories all over the world?


Test Brain Fuel with your group

Below you’ll find two things that will help you out:

1. A download link for a short but sweet Brain Fuel session. If everybody runs the same session, the results could be very interesting to compare. Will the results in Kyoto be totally different from São Paulo? How about Tartu and Ankara?
2. An evaluation form for when you’re done with the session. We are super curious what the results will be.

Download the program

Learn more about Brain Fuel with our toolkit training

In this training we have a watch-us-then-do-it-yourself approach. That way you start building what we call Brainstorm Stamina; practice is key to lower any inhibitions you might have to run a short brainstorm with team members and customers.

Beginner / Intermediate
4 hours

More info