Cards & Methods

100 cards in 4 categories

The Brain Fuel cards are tailor-made for brainstorms in both big and small groups. The tool consists of a deck of 100 cards divided in four categories:


How can these cards help me?

When people brainstorm they often come up with the same kind of ideas over and over again. That’s because they’re stuck in their standard thought pattern. It’s not strange. On the contrary, it’s completely normal: most people take the easiest route to a solve a problem. Unfortunately, this route mostly leads to boring solutions.

The Brain Fuel cards force you to look at your problem from a totally different perspective and break your standard thought pattern. This allows you to come up with unusual associations and innovative ideas on the spot.

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That’s cool and all, but how do I use them?

Implementing Brain Fuel into your brainstorm is easy! Just write down your brainstorm question, draw a card and new solutions will pop up in your head immediately. But that’s not all. We’ve created and selected several brainstorming methods who help you ignite your ideation.

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How did you come to these 100 cards?

It’s our goal to give you access to as many great ideas as possible. So we tested every card, painfully threw away some of our personal favorites, carefully picked new ones, which we tested again, and so forth. In the end we came to 25 cards in every category. All with a different subject and a fun fact to make sure they will lead you to various associations.


Use the cards with our canvasses

We provide you with all the tools you'll need for a perfect brainstorm! The cards are tailor made for brainstorms with big groups and with our canvasses you will always be able to use Brain Fuel for a quick and powerful brainstorm!


  • Excellent for big brainstorms
  • Allows more group interactions
  • Draw multiple cards at the same time
  • Easy to combine with the canvases

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  • The perfect guide
  • Quick and easy
  • Learn new methods
  • Perfect for small groups

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Enough about us. What do others think of Brain Fuel?

Speed, humor and energy

"I used Brain Fuel for a session with my team, in which we only had 1,5 hours to brainstorm about two major themes. The method brings speed, humor and energy into the group, which gives you a great harvest of ideas in a relatively short time. And in a fun way!"

Rixt Sijtsma
Webcare manager Aegon

A great concept in no time at all

"By combining random stuff like an Pineapple and Marilyn Monroe with the problem we tried to solve, we thought up a great concept in no time at all. Because Brain Fuel forced us to associate with things we do not usually think about, we thought up something we could never think of ourselves!"

Jorik Kleen
Student Communication & Multimedia Design

Loads of possibilities in a easy accessible and quick way

"The brainstorm cards are good to use in retrospectives with our scrum teams. Instead of the default, "what went well, what can we improve the list", the card set offers loads of possibilities to reflect in a easy accessible and quick way. Brainstorming about possible improvements will be fun and less obvious too."

Laura Zschuschen
Agile Coach KLM Royal Dutch Airlines