Brain Fuel for trainers and facilitators

If you want to become a seasoned brainstorm facilitator; take part in our Brain Fuel Facilitator Training, certificate included. Of course you will learn all about the brainstorming methods, warming-up methods and selection methods. But we’ll show you how to build a relationship with clients and how to deal with group dynamics in a brainstorm too. You’ll learn a lot - we promise.

If you’re just interested in the methods or if you need a refresher, follow the Toolkit Training. With Brain Fuel in your toolkit you can start a brainstorm anytime, anywhere.

Look below for our Facilitator training and Toolkit training. But that is not all. Our trainers can get our full support to help them design a session plan that suits you and your client. 

  • Learn how to do a brainstorm on the spot
  • Have that brainstorming power at your fingertips at all time
  • Set a course to become a full fledged brainstorm facilitator (including certificate)
  • Become a member of our Brain Fuel Community
  • Receive support when designing your own brainstorm

Brain Fuel facilitator training

If you want to become a full-fledged Brain Fuel facilitator then there is more to learn than just the methods. In two days, we will turn you into a brainstorming expert and a Brain Fuel facilitator.

Intermediate / Expert
Two days

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Toolkit training

In this training we have a watch-us-then-do-it-yourself approach. That way you start building what we call Brainstorm Stamina; practice is key to lower any inhibitions you might have to run a short brainstorm with team members and customers.

Beginner / Intermediate
4 hours

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Help desk for support

Brain Fuel brainstorming methods are easy, right? But when you’re preparing for a full on brainstorm, you may have a lot of questions. What’s a good way to start the brainstorm? Which brainstorm methods will I use, in which order? How do I get from ideation to developing solutions? How do I set up a space just right for a brainstorm?

Contact us and we’ll get you started. First half hour is free.

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