Brain Fuel in education

Brain Fuel is ideal to help students with their challenge to come up with truly creative ideas.
Both the app or the deck of cards combined with our worksheets bring fun and speed back into brainstorming. The results: great ideas, more openness and collaboration,
better decision making and more commitment to the end result.

By using Brain Fuel teachers will be able to facilitate larger groups of students, from 30 to 50 students at the same time.

Brain Fuel helps teachers and students with:

  • Greater openness and willingness to brainstorm
  • 10 different brainstorm methodes and counting
  • Easy to use cards, app and worksheets
  • Teachers can facilitate big groups
  • Students explore more possibilities
  • Fun helps to create a bond between students

Every method has a canvas

We develop them because teachers asked for them! Our canvases help to structure creativity where and when it is needed. Instead of instructing each group individually, teachers can use the canvases to self-start each group. One general instruction for the group as a whole is enough to get the groups going; the canvases have easy instructions the students can run-through themselves.

The instructions come in A4, A3, legal and ledger/tabloid formats so you can reproduce the canvases yourself.

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Toolkit Training for teachers

In this training we’ll have a watch-us-then-do-it-yourself approach. That way you start building what we call Brainstorm Stamina.
This fast paced toolkit training is all about getting you started so can use Brain Fuel in any settings with students like for example: project startups, brainstorming research questions, ideation workshops etc. 

For more seasoned brainstorm facilitators this Toolkit Training is a perfect refresher course on new brainstorming techniques without having to go through all the basics again.

Beginner / Intermediate
4 hours
5 to 15 participants

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Brain Fuel facilitator training

Each and every educational institution can benefit from a few well-versed Brain Fuel facilitators. That way it will become easier to develop a curriculum suited to your specific needs. In two days, we will turn you into a brainstorming expert and a Brain Fuel facilitator.

Intermediate / Expert
Two days
5 to 15 participants

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Creative kickstart to your course

Our Creative Lead Friso Visser will visit your institute to tell the important story behind ideation and how Brain Fuel helps you achieve the next level in creativity. Students can experience the do’s and don’ts of developing creative habits that will last them a lifetime. And have Friso dispel some myths about creativity along the way. A perfect way to kickstart your course!

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Educational Partners

The Frisian Design Factory is one of the 21 innovation hubs in universities and research organizations from all over the world. We are proud to call them our partner. Together with the Frisian Design Factory we further develop and distribute Brain Fuel.

Would you like to become a partner of Brain Fuel? We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know below:

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Institutes who use Brain Fuel


Enough about us. What do others think of Brain Fuel?

I love the methodology behind Brain Fuel

"Brain Fuel is captivating, it immediately engages. Brainstorming is a waste of time if it results in a lack of action, but Brain Fuel uses a creative structure to turn unproductive into productive.

I love the methodology behind Brain Fuel. The association cards unlock memories I forgot I had and uses them for creative solutions. Brain Fuel is a game changer."

Ben Bungert
Strategic Relationships & Development - Learn Launch

A great concept in no time at all

"I’ve never seen anything like Brain Fuel before. It will help students to think outside of themselves, like through a new lens. Brain Fuel will challenge them to think deeper then superficial brainstorming methods. And it will make brainstorming fun again! Brain Fuel plays like a simple concept but it has so many options. It can be used for 10 minutes or for 10 hours, whatever you want it to be!"

Kiera Chetlen
Science Teacher - Cyril K. Brennan Middle School

Loads of possibilities in a easy accessible and quick way

"The brainstorm cards are good to use in retrospectives with our scrum teams. Instead of the default, "what went well, what can we improve the list", the card set offers loads of possibilities to reflect in a easy accessible and quick way. Brainstorming about possible improvements will be fun and less obvious too."

Laura Zschuschen
Agile Coach - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines