Brain Fuel Masterclass

In this training the founders of Brain Fuel will tell you all the tricks of the trade and practice them with you. Do not expect basic techniques, in this training we want to turn you into a master.


Skill level Average / Master
Duration 3 hours
Groupsize 3 to 15 participants
Price € 1200,- or $ 1370,- (excluding VAT)

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In this masterclass you will learn:

  • The deep methods behind Brain Fuel and brainstorming.
  • How not only brainstorming but also preparing and working under the knee strength.
  • How to build up the perfect brainstorming session.

With this masterclass you get:

  • 5 Brain Fuel Base Decks.
  • 100 Selection Day sticker sheets.
  • All Brain Fuel method canvasses (digital).
  • A unique Hall of No Shame poster to filter ideas in an effective and fun way.