Brain Fuel Facilitator training

If you want to become a full-fledged Brain Fuel facilitator then there is more to learn than just our methods. In two days, we will turn you into a brainstorming expert and a Brain Fuel facilitator.

Skill level Intermediate / Expert
Duration Two days
Next date 12th & 19th of March 2020
Price € 1350,- (excluding TAX) per participant

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Erik Prins – Author Design Denken Doen

Coordinator Master Design Driven Innovation
“The Brain Fuel facilitator training has taught me to have an entirely new perspective on brainstorming. The convergence phase is just as important as the divergence phase. Both aspects don’t automatically occur during a session, except when using the Brain Fuel method.

Brain Fuel does not just allow people to come up with more ideas. It also helps when it’s time to combine ideas and turn those ideas into action.”

In this training you will learn:

  • Build a session plan for a full brainstorm
  • Formulate a good brainstorm question
  • Recognize and steer group dynamics in a session
  • Use fun to tap into a well of creativity
  • Deal with negative reactions
  • Select ideas out of the ocean of ideas and prevent good ideas going to waste
  • Prepare for a brainstorm together with your client
  • Build a constructive relationship with clients

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