4 brainstorming techniques to use in Clubhouse

22 April 2021

It may sound weird: using Clubhouse for a brainstorm. Your voice is the only way to communicate and all those tools to make your brainstorm life easier are nowhere to be found. Despite those odds, Clubhouse pioneer Lotte Brouwer and the creator of Brain Fuel, Friso Visser, experimented with the possibilities. Their conclusion? It’s easy […]

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7 tricks to build the perfect brainstorming question

16 November 2018

A great brainstorm starts with a great brainstorming question. Do not expect the right answers if you ask the wrong questions. But sometimes coming up with the right brainstorming question feels like you’re searching for the holy grail. How do you find the holy grail? By reading this article, that’s how! This article contains two […]

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Get Out of The Building’ and validate your ideas!

12 June 2018

All inhabitants of planet earth think that they know what their target audience wants and needs. But how can you be so sure? The answer is simple. You never really know for sure. What works best is that you validate it with your target audience. Valiwhat? Validation means checking if your assumptions are actually valid […]

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